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Fons UytdeHaag’s (1946) passion for making glass art started after he retired from a senior position in a global vaccine company and suddenly had ‘a sea of time’ to explore new horizons. The choice for glass art was made almost by default: “I can’t paint or draw, so when I stumbled across an introductory course in glass making, I thought I’d give it a try. And I was hooked right away,” says Fons. “Glass is a wonderful medium—fluid and solid, flexible and fixed,” he explains. “In its molten state it’s a dancing, dangerous, almost sensual thing. It’s possible to direct this dance towards the fixed form, if you are skilled and experienced enough. For a beginner like me, there’s so much to learn. That’s part of the fascination.”

Looking at Fons’ blown glass art works, it’s hard to believe he is just starting out in this field. He points out that he made them with the assistance of a highly experienced glass blower Gert Bulée, whose technical guidance he will need for ‘many years to come’. But the conceptual and emotive power of these objects is extraordinary, and Fons can take full credit for that.

He draws inspiration from the things that interest and excite him: nature, science, travel, humanity. His first blown glass artworks ‘Satao Elerai ‘ –named after the place in Kenya where he was captivated by the nests of weaver birds: spherical chambers with a rough, spiky exterior and smooth, cushioned interior- are organic, bulbous forms bound by copper wire. These are mysterious and strangely moving works, evocative of constraint and possibility, of fluidity and stillness. They also display Fons’ apparently intuitive grasp of how to use contrasting colors, textures and materials to great aesthetic effect.

Fons’ passion for glass is as much about exploring new technical skills as new ideas. In his more recent artworks he used other metals like brass and metal mesh, resulting in fascinating structures and color patterns.

The why of WOW!GLASS

Fons is very modest about his creations. But he has received so many positive reactions from the people who have seen them —“most importantly from strangers, who can be more honest!”— that he decided to find a way to share them with a wider audience. That’s the idea behind WOW!GLASS and his website.

I hope that by showing other people my artworks, I might inspire them to think, or create, or contact me for a chat. It’s an invitation for dialogue.”

Profile by Andrea Dingemans, independent journalist

Representative Galleries

My work is represented by the following galleries:

Gallery for Art and Design
Nieuwstraat 17b, 2312 KA Leiden
071-512 63 07,

Dutch Art & Design Salon
Lange Putstraat 10
5211 KN ‘s-Hertogebosch

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Exposition archive

    Date: 3 – 11 december 2016 OPENING: 2 dec – 20u.
    Kunststichting Perspektief vzw – Mercatorlaan 25 – B 3150 Haacht , België
  • EYE-CANDY 13, Date: 16 October 2016
  • 28e Glas en Keramiek Kunstbeurs, Leerdam | 9, 10 & 11 September 2016
  • Expositie Zomerkunst ‘t Reghthuys, Nieuwkoop | 28 June – 3 July 2016
  • Expositie Kunst in Kasteel, Gronsveld (Zuid-Limburg) | 4 & 5 June 2016
  • Meesterlijk, Design en Ambacht, Westergas Amsterdam | 27-29 November 2015
  • Solo expositie Glas sculptures, Ruimte voor Kunst (De Bilt)| 18 September – October 2015