Fons Uytdehaag price winner Groene Hart Kunstprijs ‘Jan met het groene hart’

My passion for making glass art started after I retired as virologist from a senior position in a global vaccine company and suddenly had ‘a sea of time’ to explore new horizons. The choice for glass art was made almost by default. When I stumbled across an introductory course in glass making, I thought I’d give it a try. And I was hooked right away. Glass is a wonderful medium—fluid and solid, flexible and fixed. In its molten state it’s a dancing, dangerous, almost sensual thing. It’s possible to direct this dance towards the fixed form, if you are skilled and experienced enough. For a beginner like me, there’s so much to learn. That’s part of the fascination.

For making my objects – with the assistance of master glass blower and artist Gert Bullée – I draw inspiration from the things that interests and excites me: nature, science, travel, humanity.

But my passion for glass is as much about exploring new technical skills as new ideas. In my recent artworks I use metals like brass, copper and metal mesh and all kind of metal oxides in the hope to create fascinating structures and color patterns. I hope that by showing other people my artworks, I might inspire them to think, or create, or contact me for a chat. It’s an invitation for dialogue.


Workshop glass blowing
Henk Verwij
Februari 2012
Glasblazerij Leerdam

Summer workshop glass sandcasting
13 aug -18 aug, 2012
Effie Halkidis, Van Tetterode Glass Studio

Course glass kiln casting
15 nov-18 nov, 2012
Effie Halkidis, Van Tetterode Glass Studio

Workshop glass blowing
December 2012
Mia Lerssi & Katrin Maurer, Van Tetterode Glass Studio

Glass fusion and casting
Sascha Hacska
Herenweg 1A, De Bilt

Glass blowing training
Gert Bullée,
Van Tetterode Glass Studio
Glasblazerij Leerdam

Exhibition agenda 2018

Het Oude Raadhuis van Warmond
21 mrt.- 22 apr., Opening: za. 24 mrt, 15.00h
Dorpstraat 36
2361 BE Warmond

Open Atelier Veere
29 mrt-2apr., 5 apr.-8 apr.,12 apr.-15 apr.
Abdij van Middelburg.

Open Poortendag
6 mei
Holstraat 12

Galerie Zeven Zomers
8 april-27 mei
Marikenstraat 50
6511PX Nijmegen

Expositie Beeldschoon
12 mei -17 juni
Lohnislaan 4
8337 KG De Pol

Art in the atrium
25 mei – 28 mei
Mauritslaan 65, Stein

19 mei-19 aug. Opening 27 mei
Galerie Anita Ammerlaan
Markt 39
4701PB Roosendaal

Kunst aan de EE
29 juni- 8 juli. Opening 29 juni 14.00h-17.00h

Beeldentuin Mia Moreaux
29 juli – 31 aug.
Eernegemsestraat 120
8460 Westkerke, Belgie

Exhibitions 2017

Kunst in Kasteel de Kinkelenburg
9-10 december
Kinkelenburglaan 1
6681BJ Bemmel

Glas en Keramiek Kunstbeurs
4-6 november
Tiendweg 9
4141EG Leerdam

Galerie Rijlaarsdam
21 oct. – 25 Nov
Nieuwveenseweg 59
2421LB Nieuwkoop

Jan Garemijnzaal
31 aug.- 10 sept.
Markt 7
8000 Brugge, België

Galerie ‘In de Molen’
Kunstgroep Wassenaar
19 aug. – 19 sept.
Molenplein 10 a
2242HW Wassenaar

Kasteel Rijckholt
5-6 aug.
Kasteelstraat 15
6247EA Gronsveld

17e Kunstroute Kortemark
25-28 mei, 3-5 juni
Kortemark, België
Terra Art Projects
1-27 april
Dorpstraat 12
2712AK Zoetermeer


International Glass Art Biennial
Kunststichting Perspectief vzw
3-11 dec.
Mercatorlaan 25
B3150 Haacht, België

Galerie Anita Ammerlaan
16 oct-31dec
Markt 39
4701PB Roosendaal

‘t Reghthuys
28 juni-3juli
Reghthuysplein 1
2421BE Nieuwkoop

Kasteel Gronsveld
4-5 juni
rijksweg 68
6247 AK Gronsveld


27-29 nov.
Pazzanistraat 37

Ruimte voor Kunst
18 sept. -10 oct.
Dorpstraat Vo
Steenstraat 42
3732 HJ De Bilt

Gallery Zône
Nieuwstraat 17b
2312 KA Leiden
071-512 63 07